Monday, August 07, 2017

Migrant labour supply problem worsens

Growers of fruit and vegetables are reconsidering their investment plans as it becomes more difficult to recruit migrant labour from elsewhere in the EU. Some may relocate to eastern or central Europe: Pickers shortfall

According to a report in The Guardian: '“The perception from overseas is we are xenophobic, we’re racist, and the pound has plummeted too. We’ve gone with Brexit and that makes us look unfriendly.” Those are the words of John Hardman, director of Hops Labour Solutions, which supplies about 12,000 workers a year to food-growers. He reckons that when it comes to “food-picking jobs in agriculture – which means everything from strawberries to brussels sprouts”, there is currently a Brexit-related shortfall of about 20%, which chimes with recent surveys by the National Farmers Union.'

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