Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Agriculture in Wales after Brexit

The Commons Select Committee on Welsh Affairs has produced a report on Welsh agriculture after Brexit: Report

The report emphasises the contribution of agriculture to community life in Wales and the health of the Welsh language.

The report notes, 'UK-wide common frameworks could be established in a number of different ways, but it is still not clear where they will apply, what they will look like, how they will work, or how any disputes would be resolved. It is imperative that these frameworks are agreed mutually between the UK and devolved governments and ensure the unique issues that face each of the administrations are given due consideration. We believe that these frameworks will need to be supported by robust and transparent intergovernmental mechanisms.'

The Welsh Government's own proposals for phasing out the basic payment had not been well received by farmers. There is a case for retaining some form of basic payment in less favoured areas to support remote hill farms.

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