Thursday, January 18, 2018

Regulatory alignment needed to avoid high market access costs

The NFU's director of strategy Martin Haworth told a Euractiv seminar in London: 'We need to explore the markets in China and the United Arab Emirates, but the chance of these replacing the EU market is remote. Without regulatory alignment, the costs (of accessing the EU market) could be really high.'

Tom Hind, director of strategy at the AHDB emphasised the importance of investing in the agricultural sector, noting that 'Brexit or no Brexit, productivity will have to be addressed as the imperative facing our industry.' The sector is currently ineffective in 'translating innovation into practice. The sector needs to seize the current opportunity presented [by Gove] to enable us to be more competitive and maintain market share.'

The views put forward by a range of industry leaders at the seminar can be found here: Invest to compete

In this short video speakers emphasise their key points, Martin Haworth noting that Michael Gove speaks only about public goods and environmental payments and nothing else: Video highlights

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