Monday, February 10, 2014

Adapting farming to climate change

One of the predictions of climate change is that extreme weather events will increase in frequency and although one has to be careful about generalising from a particular weather pattern, there is some evidence to support that hypothesis given the wettest winter in the UK for 250 years. It would seem that additional warmth is being absorbed in the oceans. It is not so unusual for the Atlantic to be a storm factory at this time of the year, but the destination of the storms is changing with the jetstream diverted south.

There is a growing recognition, even on the political right, that denial is no longer plausible and that one needs an intelligent discussion about policy options: Talking about the Climate

In particular there are questions about how one can sustain productive farming under these conditions in such areas as the Somerset Levels. Adapting to the particular features of the local climate is important and here is a good example from the Isles of Scilly: Churchtown Farm

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