Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No great suprises in CAP reform proposals

There are no great surprises in the widely leaked Commission proposals for reform of the Common Agricultural Policy released today: CAP reform

Also, not surprisingly, UK ministers have criticised the proposals as inadequate.

The reform proposals have been overshadowed by the eurozone crisis which has understandably been dominating the EU agenda and media discussion. Its outcome will shape the future of the EU.

However, whatever shape the future eurzone takes, it is likely that budgetary pressures will ultimately play a substantial part in influencing the outcome of the CAP reform discussions.


Hien_Chi said...

Dear Mr Grant,
I am Hien Chi and I'm studying A-level in Singapore. I'm currently working on a school project on Common Agricultural Policy. Would you mind answering some of my questions if you have time? I couldn't find a message button so I decided to comment on your entry instead.

According to what I have read on the Internet, the Common Agricultural Policy has certain flaws that must be fixed by CAP reform. UK has been one of the largest contributor to CAP but has not benefitted a lot from it. I have tried to search everywhere but I couldn't find the soft copy of CAP online, and I can't figure out why UK farmers do not benefit as much. I am also puzzled by the rationale behind the measures UK push for (refocused CAP budget, enhanced Pillar 2 measures and increase market orientation etc). I don't understand why these reforms would be more advantageous to UK, and I do not have any idea to what UK should push for so that its interest is protected in the new version of CAP. Do you mind showing me where I can find such resources?

Thank you very much,
Hien Chi.

Wyn Grant said...

There is no copy available online of the CAP as such in the sense of their being one policy document that describes it. British farmers have in many ways benefited from the CAP, but arguably it has done more for countries with less efficient farms. A more market oriented approach would be helpful to British farmers as they should be able to compete effectively in such a market because they have economies of scale etc. Whether enhanced Pillar 2 measures would benefit British farmers or EU farmers more generally is a matter of dispute. The National Farmers Union website might be worth looking at.