Tuesday, September 14, 2010

France gets biggest share of CAP budget

No great surprise but France got the largest share of CAP spending among member states in the 2009 financial year. France received €9.87bn, 17 per cent of the total budget of €56.781bn. Spain took second place with €7.26bn, followed by Germany on €6.9bn, Italy on €6.08bn and the UK on €4.04bn.

Poland headed the accession states on €3.72bn, followed by Greece on €3.05bn and Romania in €2.1bn (70 per cent from Pillar 2). Malta was bottom of the pile with €14.88m, most of it from Pillar 2 funds. The combined payments to the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania amounted to €324m. The importance of the CAP to Ireland was illustrated by its receipts of €1,655.55m.


RadicalLiberal said...


I wonder if you could help at all. I've found your blog very useful and this particular post is the most recent assessment of CAP beneficiaries I can find anywhere! Is there any chance you can tell me the source of this information?


Wyn Grant said...

It's a while since I wrote this post but I think the figures may have come from the specialist monthly subscription newsletter Agra Focus.