Thursday, August 13, 2009

So, farewell then, Fernand Boden

Don't know who he is? Well as Luxembourg's farm minister he was on the Agriculture Council for 14 years and hence its longest-serving member. This included two presidencies. Now, as he approaches the age of 66, he has stepped down and also shed his portfolios of the Middle Classes [sic], Tourism and Housing.

His replacement is Romaain Schneider, the former Secretary-General of the Socialist Workers' Party [sic] who comes from the city of Wiltz and also takes on the sports portfolio. This is not a surprise as he is the President of the 2nd Division ('Division of Honour') football club FC Wiltz 71.

At one time members of the Farm Council remained there for a long time and this had quite an effect on its culture and decision-making. Given that the members were generally male and had some kind of agricultual background, even if only as a bureaucrat, this created something of a 'club' atmosphere. Now only 6 of the 27 members were in office in two-and-half years ago.

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Dennis Flock said...

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